How To Get Involved

We have an endless amount of ways for you, your family, and your friends to get involved!


#1 and Favorite, Schedule a Trip! Go visit Haiti and stay in our Guest House! Our team will make you feel right at home and will show you the wonders that we are doing and the lives we are helping change down in the central plateau of Haiti!


#2: Send Materials! We will always have a need for any kind of materials we can get. It can range from gently worn clothing to small building supplies. We have our general items that we need and encourage people to donate, yet we are working towards making a lasting impact and every item we can donate will help. Here is a list of items that we typically ask for in materials:

  • Gently Used or New Clothing
  • Soccer Supplies
  • Jewelry
  • Old In Use Cell Phones
  • Other Types of Crafts and Art


#3: Cash Donations! Cash donations aren’t always a must, but they are extremely valuable when we need specific items or need heavy items that cost too much to ship over the water. Cash is very generous and we thank each and every one of you who donates personally.

Donate HERE!


#4: Social Media! Just go and follow us on social media and stay updated on events and things happening in our world! Currently you can find us on Facebook with (United N.E.S.T. Foundation) and also at (Young Athletes With Hope). Like both of our pages and get the latest updates.


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