Young Athletes With Hope

Young Athletes with Hope is a ministry committed to teaching children essential skills necessary to achieve their potential such as teamwork, discipline, overcoming defeat, and winning with grace.  These children will hear about God’s gifts and his desire to see them grow through him. 

Young Athletes With Hope (YAWH) was formed from the vision and guidance from Ephraim Lucien. He has paved the way for so many youth soccer players to potentially turn their skills and abilities into an academic and athletic scholarship in the United States.

The first step was holding a soccer clinic for youth between the ages of 3rd-6th grade back in December of 2016. This was a three day, two clinics a day, camp put on by Ephraim, Taylor, and Dylan. This is where we introduced the values of leadership, coaching, team communication, and breaking language barriers.

Here is the highlight video that was created to capture the magic that went on during the first YAWH youth soccer camp!

From the camp, YAWH established a relationship with twelve area schools where we were able to construct 22 youth boys teams within two separate divisions (Under 11 and Under 13). Toward the end of each season, we held a double elimination tournament for each school to compete for the YAWH Sfire Family Trophy that was generously donated by the Sfire family!

Our dream and aspiration for YAWH is to expand and expand rapidly. We want to continue to raise these children who are already a part of our process by raising our age level every year until we hit a “19 and Under” age division to keep our children within the program under our wing and supervision. Also to start a girls conference, get more schools to join, and most importantly, provide the path way for the talented athletes to have the opportunity to further their athletic and academic careers to help improve their overall well-being.

Soccer is a sport played around the world. The fundamental part of YAWH is to provide structure for these kids to learn from coaches and play as a team. This is the way we get to help form the nation’s youth into hard working individuals, team players, and give them a chance at earning something they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to achieve without this program. We focus on team aspects, teaching English as a second language, spreading the word of God, and improving the chances of children getting out of poverty to learn a skill, trade, or receive an education to give back to their family and community in Haiti.

We are expanding rapidly, so we will need further supplies and funds to make this dream stay a reality. Luckily soccer is one of the most economically friendly sports to fund, but there is always a need for funds. We hope to someday have our own facility with a turf field for practices and games. Currently, we have been donated a parcel of land to build our future soccer complex. For the mean time, we plan to play our games there and build little by little to create our complex.


Soccer Cleats


Old Jerseys/Pennies/ Reversible Jerseys

Soccer Nets

Exercise Equipment- Cones, Jump Ropes, Etc.

Coaching Tools- Clip Boards, Whistles, Stop Watches, Etc.

How to Donate:

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