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Imagine your child has just fallen and broken their arm; what would you do? Or imagine your wife is pregnant and starts having complications; what would you do? Families in the central plateau are as far as 4 hours away from a hospital in Port-Au-Prince and unfortunately, it could be too far and or too late.

Health and Wellness is Critical in Rural Haiti.

United N.E.S.T. Foundation wants to open a part-time health clinic in an area where thousands of people are within walking distance to receive any type of health care.  Pregnant women need health care, babies need wellness programs, and the elderly who are not able to travel long distances for example all need treatment.

This is a larger vision for United N.E.S.T. Foundation and we need funding and people power to make this possible. We want to partner with midwives to teach prenatal and postnatal care, along with professionals and non professionals who do and or plan to practice health care. We are looking for a permanent location that Haitians can rely on. We need health care providers to come and teach basic wellness and provide treatment.

There is a small village between Pignon and Hinche that we hope to start our health clinic at. It is centrally located between two major villages in the Central Plateau.

We are also looking for many teams with health experience or aspirations for health care to go down and be a part of our health care team.    

Are You Health Professional or Aspiring Health Care Provider? 



  • “I want to send a group of health care workers”


  • “I want to be a part of an existing group getting ready for take off” 
    • Contact us here at UNF and we will hook you up! We can get you paired up with a group shortly!


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