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United N.E.S.T. Foundation Guest House

When aid groups travel to Haiti they need a place to stay. The town of Hinche is located in the Central Plateau of Haiti and it’s an important hub for all of rural Haiti. Groups from around the world utilize Hinche as a base for their work in outlying areas. Currently, there are only 2 guest houses located in the area, leaving many groups unable to have a place to stay. We have opened our U.N.F. Guest House in Hinche. For more information, please click on our About Tab/Our Guest House or click on the hyperlink here—-> Guest House


Consignment Shop That Sustains and Nourishes- Frénchè Pou Piyay

Ephraim and his family run a consignment/thrift shop in the village of Hinche, Haiti called Frénchè Pou Piyay (English Translation- Get Fresh For Low Prices) . We at United N.E.S.T. Foundation keep this shop close to us at heart. We sell high quality clothing and accessories to other Haitians in the community. Nandy (Ephraim’s wife) and her employees work very hard to keep their families healthy and safe by running this store.

Before personal bills are paid, two things happen. 

  • First, Fréchè Pou Piyay pays two employees who work side by side with Nandy all week long.
  • Second, every Saturday rice, beans, canned tomatoes, and other canned food is purchased then individually wrapped to give to the elderly/homeless in the community.

At around mid-morning, homeless elderly men and women begin to appear.  Every week the amount of food given is in direct proportion to the amount of money earned through the consignment shop. Of course there is competition everywhere and Nandy works hard to make her shop the most appealing. However, some weeks there is very little to give due to low inventory and unpredictable clothing donation levels.   

How can YOU help?


Conduct a Clothing Drive!  

Please only send your best clothes no holes or too old.  What is needed most are men’s clothing sizes small and medium.  For the most part, men in Haiti are small and there is a shortage of dress shirts and pants for smaller men, including belts. Every piece of clothing, no mater the size, will help! 


Send Jewelry! 

Look through your jewelry box and ask your friends to do the same. High or low value, if it looks good, it will sell!


Get a Store Involved!

Perhaps you have connections to a clothes shop in your home town, ask if they are willing to donate. We love developing partnerships and relationships with other businesses to help make an impact.


Send Your Wedding Dress or Mother of the Bride, any Prom Dress, or Etc.  

Haitians dress up every day and really dress up for weddings/special events.  Men wear suits, while women and children dress up every Sunday for church.  For many Haitians, there is no such thing as casual Sunday.


Send funds to improve the shop and allow for advertising!  

The shop is good and doing very well, but still needs more work to be great.  Clothes need to rotate every day to keep customers interested.  Nandy and her staff do this already but they need a better way to hang clothes and better storage for clothes before they hang up to sell.


 How Do You Send?

Contact us directly at and we will give you shipping instructions to send to us or directly to the store in Haiti!  


Help Nourish and Sustain the Thrift Store Donate Now 


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