Our Guest House

The N.E.S.T. House

Individual/ Group Guest House located in Hinche, Haiti

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Located in the Central Plateau of Haiti, The N.E.S.T. House provides guests with a comfortable and welcoming retreat to recharge. Our guest house is provided in honor of Ephraim’s mother Athenienne (Momma Lucien) who at 77, still opens her home to children who need a place to live. In our heart, Athenienne is the symbol motherly of love, abundant grace, and transforming kindness that we hope to provide for all of our guest.


Located in the heart of Hinche, The N.E.S.T. House is newly renovated and ready to provide your group with a comfortable stay.


  • Sleeps up to 16 individuals comfortably- with added sleeping options available to accommodate bigger groups
  • 2 Stories (approximately 2,000 square feet)
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Gated Property filled with native flowers, shrubs, and fruit trees
  • Backup Generator
  • Balcony- second story for night sky viewing and social gathering
  • Screened in Dining and Porch
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner included in Lodging Costs
    • Food is locally grown/butchered and prepared daily
  • Local art displays are for sale throughout the house (100% proceed to artists)
  • Will be greeted by a House Manager that speaks fluent English and French Creole
    • 24/7 Care and Source for Information
    • Tour of Mary’s Nest along with instructions on how to utilize a Haitian Guest House properly
  • Bedding and Towels included- must bring own toiletries

How does staying at a guest house help stimulate Haiti’s economy?

Groups from around the world come into the central plateau of Haiti because this area is away from the larger cities where the needs are greatest. Having our own Guest House located in Hinche does many things. First, and most importantly, it supports our four pillars of Nourishment, Empower, Strengthen, and Transform. Our guest house provides employment for several men and women who care-take and feed our guests.

After paying employees a regular salary, we’ll be able to use the proceeds to support other United N.E.S.T. activities, thus, creating a self-sustaining nonprofit with the goal to be completely self-sustaining.

There’s something about Haiti. We know folks who’ve traveled to other improvised areas in the world and they say they just feel drawn back to this spot – Haiti and its people. You will leave with a greater sense of understanding, empathy, and a strong positive feeling of being a part of something that is creating sustainable and healthy change in rural Haiti.

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