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“Building a N.E.S.T. of sustainable change and hope for rural communities of Haiti and other developing countries.”



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United N.E.S.T. Foundation

Why Haiti?

Rural Haiti is where some of the poorest of the poor live, yet these people possess a relentless drive to overcome poverty.  Thanks to technologies such as satellites, smart phones, and solar electricity, changing the story of rural Haiti is only a matter of time.  Schools, churches, medical clinics, and micro-businesses are more real today than at any other point in Haiti’s history. 

Historically, Haitians needed to live in or near Port-Au-Prince in order to provide for their families. Still today, mothers often leave their children behind and travel for days to sell their goods at the market places. Our goal at United N.E.S.T. Foundation is to rewrite that story by planting micro-businesses, education, athletics, and health directly in these small villages; so these nests of families, parents, grandparents, and friends can stay together. We soundly believe families are stronger and healthier when they live in the country, away from the distress of Haiti’s larger cities; yet to make that belief a reality there needs to be a secure infrastructure.

How do we do this? 

Today, thanks to technology, we are able to bypass large organizations both in the United States and in Haiti to make real and sustainable change happen. We work directly with each community, their leaders, teachers, and pastors to establish a clear and attainable plan.  


What is a NEST?

Have you ever looked closely at a birds nest and marveled at the symbiotic beauty in Gods work? How delicate and intertwined, along with perfect design to hold life and sustain growth. Yet light and agile, small and big twigs relying on each other to keep a foundation together.

United N.E.S.T. Foundation chose the metaphor of a N.E.S.T. (Nourish, Empower, Strengthen, and Transform) for just the reason that it stands for; the strength of small and capable working together. For us, we absolutely believe in the collective wisdom of those who live in and around small villages.


A NEST is a safe harbor. It is a place to feel secure. A place where family and friends gather for shelter, reassurance, vision, and for prayer. A nest to take care of each other, to grow, to learn, and become.



A NEST is a community of people that are committed to one another in big and small ways.

A NEST is a place where families reach out for one another; a place where children thrive, businesses grow, and hands are joined.

A NEST is home!

-United N.E.S.T. Foundation supports coming behind communities in flexible ways to facilitate village sustainability-


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We are thankful for people near and far who’ve made soccer an instrument for Gods work.
From all of us at Untied NEST Foundation and Young Athletes With Hope, we wish you the very best during this season of loving.
#YAWH #UNF #YouMatter
To make a seasonal donation, please visit our PayPal donation tab at www.unitednest.org

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2 weeks ago

United NEST Foundation

Ephraim Lucien, Executive Director of UNF & YAWH, and Tyce met this past Thursday night to give hugs and share their stories about their love for soccer and how God has shaped their shared desire to pass this love onto others. Ephraim Lucien flew in from Haiti earlier in the week and took a train from Chicago to Grand Rapids where we all met up. We then traveled to Northern Michigan to touch base and spend time with our board of directors.
A heart felt thank you to every person who helps this ministry proved a tool to reach children and young adults in rural Haiti.

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Thank you Marcus and Shelly Glover for raising such a amazing young men.

Thankful for the opportunity to meet Tyce Glover and the leadership of Midwest United FC for partnering and providing soccer equipments to YAWH/EPJA FC #GodEducationFootball www.unitednestfoundation

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Meet Tyce Glover!
Tyce and his family live in Grand Rapids and are members of Midwest United Football Club. www.Midwestunitedfc.com
Thanks to his love for God, Soccer, and helping others Young Athletes With Hope is receiving a generous donation of soccer equipment.
Here’s what Tyce had to say.
“I have a passion for using soccer, the sport I love, to help others. I believe everyone deserves the chance to play this amazing sport! When I was 9 years old, I began my journey of donating soccer equipment to kids in Zambia. With God’s help, I hope to continue helping others so as many people as possible will have the opportunity to play this game. It was cool hearing about your organization and the impact you are making in Haiti. I am thankful we could work with you and can’t wait to see all the pictures!”
Thank you Tyce! All equipment is on its way to Haiti.

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1 month ago

United NEST Foundation

This is such a sweet story of family and love with no borders. Happy Sunday ❤️ ...

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